They are two ways to make money online using google.One is through google adsense. The other is through google adwords. Google adsense and google adwords are two products owned by google.

I will describe these products briefly so you can learn this way to do it.

Google adwords: this method is not free.

Google adwords is simply a google advertising program. It is a pay per click advertising program. This simply means that you will have ads on google and whenever someone clicks on it you pay your chosen bid usually in cents. An example of this ad can seen when you make a search at google, the sponsored links beside your search result.

This is a method to do targeted advertising. The idea is to make money online through a combination of google adwords and affiliate program.

Let me suppose you now know what google adwords is all about, but you do not know what affiliate program is all about. They are companies which will pay you to advertise their products and in return you will earn a fixed commission when someone you referred make a sale, lead, impression or click to their site, such method is referred to as affiliate program.

I will describe this program in a more clarifying way. Let say I am selling tv. If my tv sells for $200, I may have an affiliate program where someone can sign up. What you will need to do is to simply sign up and start promoting my tv with the link I provide.

When someone signs up, you will be paid their fixed commission.

The thing there is to find an affiliate program that pays a good commission and advertise it at google adwords. This will not be an easy process, but it is possible. There are people in this game that generate thousands of dollars per month.

If they can do it, why can't you do it as well? Your first stop right now will be to select an affiliate program. When you have selected one, sign up at their affiliate page and get your link. The next stop is to sign up at google adwords. You will need to fund your account with a recommended capital of $100.

You will need to create a website. If you are not ready to Buy Popads Accounts and host a site, you can as well use a free blogsite. An example of a free blogsite is blogger.

After creating the blogger, create a blogpage where you will review the product of the affiliate program you have selected.You will need to review one product per blogpage. The next stop is to create a google ad using the link of your blogpage, fix your ad usually not greater than $0.20, sit back, relax and watch your money roll in.

In order to succeed using this method to make it, you will need an internet marketing course.This course will enable you to kick aside the challenges in this system of making money. With it, you will be able to save money on advertising and make more money on profit. I urge you to get it if you want to succeed using this system. An example of google adword and affiliate program marketing course you can get it Copy Paste Systems.

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